Selected Reading and Resources


Reliable web Sources:

All about birds from Cornell Lab of Ornithology basic bird information on all North American Species-

Birds of North America from Cornell Lab of Ornithology in depth detailed species guides on all North American Species (need subscription)-

Macaulay Library from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Thousands of species images recorded in conjunction with eBird. Searchable by species, date and location.

A to Z Glossary of Bird Terms- Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Species Taxonomy- Cornell Lab of Ornithology- See Cathartiformes, Accipitriformes, Strigiformes, Falconiformes

Selected Books:

Brian K. Wheeler (2018) Birds of Prey of the West: A Field Guide

Clint W. Boal and Cheryl R. Dykstra (2018) Urban Raptors

Keith L. Bildstein (2017) Raptors- The Curious Nature of Diurnal Birds of Prey

Proctor and Lynch (1998) Manual of Ornithology- Avian Structure and Function

Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson (2017) Birds of Prey- Hawks, Eagles, Falcons and Vultures of North America

Keith L. Bildstein (2006) Migrating Raptors

Jerry Liguori (2011) Hawks at a Distance

Jerry Liguori (2005) Hawks From Every Angle

Crossley, Liguori and Sullivan (2013) Crossley ID Guide: Raptors

David Sibley (2012) Hawks in Flight

Dr. David Scott (2016) Raptor Medicine, Surgery and Rehabilitation

José Hernán Sarasola, Juan Manuel Grande, and Juan José Negro (2018) Birds of Prey- Biology and Conservation in the XXI Century

Scott Weidensaul (2015) Owls of North America and the Caribbean

Chrystina and Rene Laubach and Charles Smith (2002) Raptor! (children’s book)

Paul Kerlinger and Pat Archer (2008) How Birds Migrate

Pete Dunne and David Allen Sibley (2003) The Wind Masters

Selected Apps:

Raptor ID from Hawkwatch International

iBird Pro

Merlin Bird ID

Audubon Owls


Sibley Birds