Barn Owl Placement and Raptor Releases

If you are interested in having a raptor or Barn Owl/s released on your property please send us an email with the following requisite information-

  1. Address of property

  2. Photos of installed box (Barn Owl, American Kestrel/Screech Owl) or proposed install sites (trees, poll etc.), we are happy to answer specific questions about proposed sites.

  3. Description of surrounding areas (open spaces, residential etc.)

  4. Affirmation that rodenticides are not being used on the property or immediate surroundings.

  5. Whether or not there are known raptors nesting in the area- do you hear hooting or see other raptor pairs regularly?

*The majority of our releases are done June-September when we have juvenile birds that are ready for release. For Barn Owl releases on your property we ask for a $150 donation to help with their rehabilitation costs.