ORC Quick Facts!


-ORC was founded in the year 2000

-ORC intakes between 800-1000 birds and other wildlife a year

-We are permitted by both the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

-We have a 65% release rate

-Raptors are carnivorous birds that hunt their prey with their feet and talons.

-ORC has approx. 20 non-releasable Education Ambassador birds that have permanent injuries- they are required to work as education ambassadors as a part of our permits from the government.

-ORC is permitted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and California Fish and Game but we do not receive funding from the government.

-ORC is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

-Imprinting in birds is when they are cared for by humans for an elongated period of time when they are under 6 weeks of age and they become “imprinted” on people. This means they will not associate with their own species in the wild, cannot hunt, and will not mate. This is an irreversible psychological disorder which is extremely common but highly preventable.