Tito is in our care due to tree trimming at the wrong time of year. Barn owls are cavity nesters and sometime nest in palm trees in California. The nest that Tito was born in was cut out of a tree by tree trimmers, Tito was the only survivor of his siblings, but suffered a broken wing and leg. His injuries deemed him non-releasable, and he joined the ORC team of education ambassadors to educate about when not to trim trees. Tito lives with his mate Alba. Every year, Tito and Alba act as foster parents to orphaned barn owlets. Together they have raised hundreds of orphans.

Ojai Raptor Center receives many birds each nesting season from being displaced by tree trimmers. If you have trees...trim them in the fall to prevent cutting out nests and orphaning baby birds. 

Fun Facts:

Barn Owls are nocturnal owls, meaning they are active and hunt at night. Barn Owls are a common owl in our area. They do not have a call but they do make a sweeping/shhh shhhh sound, as well as a high and raspy scream.