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Noha (NO-uh) became an education ambassador at ORC through an interesting set of circumstances. In the Spring of 2016 Noha and his TEN siblings were removed by USFW from their nest because their parents had chosen a spot that was also protected habitat of endangered Least Terns. USFW also relocated the parents (one male and two nesting females) to prevent the predation on the Terns. While his siblings were healthy young Harriers, Noha was missing the talon of one of his halluxes. Unfortunately missing this talon would make it extremely hard for Noha to hunt and survive in the wild so he became a member of our education team to teach people about what a cool species the harrier is.

Northern Harriers, also known as Marsh Hawks fly low over marshes and open grass-land seeking their prey. They are identifiable by the owl-like disc feather pattern on their face and a white patch of feathers on their rump.

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