An important message from our colleagues at the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy regarding seeding / planting in open spaces and public lands:  'WEED DON'T SEED!'

Members of the community are eager to help regenerate our local flora and while it is with the best of intentions we ask that you refrain from planting / seeding in open spaces and public lands.  Many native plants to this area are pyrophytic and some are serontinous meaning they will naturally regenerate after fire and some are actually dependent on fire for seed release.  It is important that we do not interfere with this natural process by planting other seeds that will compete with these species which provide natural moisture retention / distribution, a healthy ecosystem and help our wildlife thrive.  There have already been many sightings of new growth on the local trails just one month after the fire.  We do encourage you to familiarize yourself with native vs. non-native plants and to partake in local weeding parties that will be held in the Spring by some of the local agencies and non-profits such as OVLC.  We understand that the community is eager to see life on our hillsides again but is important that we wait and see what nature provides first.  

what to know what to plant in your residential yard?..

We feel it is important to plant native trees, shrubs and flowers in your yard...

Here are some resources on native (and non-native) flora to our area:

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