After several months of rehab at Ojai Raptor Center and Pacific Wildlife Care- the Golden Eagle we have been blogging about has been released! It was released earlier this week after going back to PWC for a final medical exam by their veterinarian. It was cleared to go back to the wild  and was released north of Morro Bay, near where it was found. This eagle was picked up with a broken wing and some other less severe injuries. Once the fracture was stabilized, it  was brought to ORC for flight conditioning and testing to regain strength and mobility in the broken wing. When it first arrived its flight was labored, loud and imbalanced and the bird was reluctant to move from perch to perch. By the end of its time with us, its flight progressed significantly and was quiet, smooth and both wings were even in flight. Happy trails to this Golden Eagle and thanks to all the hard work by Pacific Wildlife Care and our volunteers here at ORC!