Last weekend we brought the rehabilitating Golden Eagle in for a check-up. All the wild birds that spend elongated periods of time in the larger flights will be brought in routinely to monitor their injuries and overall condition. This check up started with a weight check- this bird came in at about 9.3 pounds and is now at about 9.8, which is a normal weight for a male Golden Eagle. We will monitor its weight closely to make sure it doesn't gain too much weight while in captivity, which will hinder its flight and the ability to regain the strength and mobility we're looking for. We also check its feet. With all raptors in captivity- foot health and condition are always a concern- it's common for birds to develop sores on the pads of their feet that grow into deep infections that hard to treat- this is known as bumblefoot. We always take care to make sure birds have a variety of substrates to land on with perches that fit the size of their feet and are equipped to handle their body weight. Luckily we have had very few cases of "bumble" in birds that have had to stay for extended periods- and this Golden's feet are looking very healthy as of right now- we will still be bringing it routinely to check. We also checked its feather quality and all looked normal. The broken wing which was stabilized over a month ago feels normal and the wing has good extension. Despite a great check up this bird still needs more time to get its flying to a place where we feel it is ready for release. More updates coming soon! Below are some photos from the check-up. Check out those talons! It was rainy and wet so it looks a little more disheveled than normal but was in great condition. In two photos you can see it sharing a perch with a rehabilitating Red-tailed Hawk.