ORC Education Ambassador, Peregrine Falcon "Gavin" on the cover!

ORC Education Ambassador, Peregrine Falcon "Gavin" on the cover!

Outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia recently published a catalog dedicated to birds of prey  that included a piece on the Ojai Raptor Center and our founder and director, Kim Stroud. ORC is extremely proud and grateful to be featured by a company like Patagonia. From the beginning, Patagonia has been dedicated to taking care of the environment through their business philosophy, manufacturing and overall way of life. Their dedication to environmental conservation goes hand in hand with Ojai Raptor Center's mission to rehabilitate the wild birds and animals that come into our care.

So many of the birds we receive are in need of care because of some human cause. Birds of prey are hit by cars, electrocuted on our power lines, poisoned by our rodenticides and pesticides, lose nesting sites and territory from development, have their nests trimmed out of trees and are even shot because they are considered a nuisance. Just the way Patagonia feels the need and obligation to give back to the environment, we feel the need and obligation to give back to birds of prey. 

Founder and Director of Ojai Raptor Center, Kimberly Stroud has worked full time for Patagonia for many years overseeing the technologically advanced sample sewing room. She devotes almost all her free time to work at the center and educating the public about birds of prey. Through her work at Patagonia we have received a lot of support throughout the years from their employees who want to get involved with a local cause. Patagonia Miracle Grants allow different departments to vote on environmental issues they would like to support, and ORC has been very fortunate to receive several Miracle Grants and work days with Patagonia employees at the center. Thank you Patagonia and employees for your continued support of our work! 

Special thanks to Patagonia photographer Tim Davis for the beautiful images he captured and shared with us.