Ojai Raptor Center

ORC is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center dedicated to the RESCUE, REHABILITATION & RELEASE of RAPTORS and other birds back into the WILD.
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Volunteering for ORC

As a non-profit organization, ORC depends on dedicated volunteers to perform the myriad duties it takes to keep the center running, do our public education work and raise enough money to continue to fund our core mission of Raptor Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release back into the wild.

Each year our many volunteers put in hundreds of hours helping with the over 1400 birds ORC receives annually. These duties run the gamut from behind the scenes support work to hands on cleaning, bird care and building work at the center.

If you care deeply about our local wildlife, want to do something to help, and have some free time, please consider volunteering with ORC. All training is provided. Volunteers must complete our Volunteer Application.

Volunteer activities that work directly with or near raptors or songbirds are listed below. Volunteers working in these areas should read and know the CA Department of Fish and Game Memorandum of Understanding with Wildlife Rehabilitators.

Also of interest might be the U.S. Fish and Game Minimum Care Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitators.

Transporting Raptors
Transporting animals to and from the center is an important job at ORC. Birds often need a ride to get to us for care, to be picked up from the Humane Society, animal control or a veterinarian's office.

Cleaning Cages, Aviaries, Rat room
Dedicated volunteers keep our facility clean by spending time scrubbing cages and aviaries. We also have an active Rat Room that needs lots of attention! This is a great way to start out volunteering at the Raptor Center.

ORC Hospital Team
After some time and experience at ORC as a regular volunteer, you may aspire to the opportunity to learn to help feed, handle, care for, and release sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds. Training and supervision are necessary for this work.

Raising Orphaned Babies
Raising orphaned babies - raptors and especially songbirds, is a big part of our spring and summer work. Like Hospital Team members, you will need some experience and receive training and mentoring. Babies are raised in the volunteers' home until they are old enouigh to be moved out to larger caging.

Resident Raptor Care and Handling
The ORC Resident Raptor Program exists to educate the public about wildlife and how we can coexist with and protect habitat for these species. Experienced volunteers who have the time to dedicate to being trained to handle one of our 20 education birds for public exhibition will be considered for this. Experienced handlers are expected to help out occasionally at ORC booths and events.

Volunteers are also needed for many vital tasks that don't involve any direct contact with or near wildlife. Below are some of the other common activities ORC volunteers do. We also welcome volunteers with any special talents or skills that are not listed here but that may benefit ORC or birds in some way.

Landscaping, Cleaning, Maintenance, Construction
ORC's wildlife rehabilitation site is still under construction and also needs lots of weeding, watering and planting. Weekly cleaning and maintenance is also performed by volunteers. Much of this work is done on Saturday mornings from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Administrative, Fundraising, Event Planning
Volunteers do the behind-the-scenes administrative, support and fundraising activities that keep ORC running. Some duties include coordinating volunteers, tracking & reporting wildlife intake numbers, marketing/outreach programs, and planning fundraising events. Those that have experience in grant writing for non-profits are always needed.

Ojai Raptor Center (ORC) is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured, orphaned and displaced birds of prey, and to providing educational programs to teach about raptors and our shared environment. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, licensed by California State Fish & Game and Federal Fish & Wildlife. As such we rely solely on charitable contributions for our operations. All contributions are tax-deductible.